Daughters of Medusa Summer POP-UP!

Daughters of Medusa Summer POP-UP! | Article, bro

Daughters of Medusa 
Summer Pop-Up at Virago Gallery
July 1st - August 30th 

LimIted Edition and MADE TO ORDER

Daughters of Medusa is Queer Owned Handcrafted Beauty For RESISTANCE!

Upcycled, vintage and deadstock materials, with people centered production by Women, LGBTQ and BIPOC craftspeople.
A % of all proceeds are donated to Survived & Punished

Why Medusa?

Daughters of Medusa takes inspiration from Medusa’s story to inspire resilience. Her story is one of deep suffering, of strength and beauty. Her legend originated with the Berger people of Libya, until it was appropriated by the Greeks. What was once a nuanced version of a Mother Nature deity, in the hands of Greek Mythology her story became one of sexual assault by a God, Poseidon, of exile, and of a fractured female identity. But ultimately it is still one of resilience and protection of herself and others.

She reminds us that the gifts of wisdom, rebirth, and protection are within us. A representation of all that we are and can be. We let go of idol worshiping, and instead learn from her, summoning our own collective strength to heal, to fight, and to transform the world.

About the Artist

Heather Marie Scholl is an artist, and activist. A queer femme. Survivor. Thriver. Child of the sea, forest and the city. Lover of hard and soft aesthetics. Eternally inspired by the gender play of our queer and trans community. Humble student of global hand-craft traditions. And always committed to racial justice, feminism, abolition, and taking consistent daily steps towards a more just world.

           *I believe in the most expansive definition of “daughter”, inclusive of cis women, trans women, trans men, and non-binary people. If you connect to the term Daughter, this is yours."

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