POP UP with Shout Your Abortion, Phoenix and the Fool and MORE!

POP UP with Shout Your Abortion, Phoenix and the Fool and MORE! | Article, bro

Dec 8th
5 to 9pm

Please join us for our last POP UP event at Virago Gallery featuring Shout Your Abortion, The Little Merle, The Phoenix and The Fool and SnakeMouth Orchid. 

Shout Your Abortion

Shout Your Abortion is normalizing abortion and elevating safe paths to access, regardless of legality. It is an important part of our mission to have pro-abortion messages out in the world as wearable info/propaganda. T-shirts, Jewelry, Yard Signs and MORE! 

The Little Merle 

The Little Merle is reimagined jewelry made from reclaimed and recycled materials by PNW artist Angie Marcelynas. Each piece is one-of-a-kind , made when all the right parts and pieces come together.  From Paris to Portland the hunt is always on for treasures that can take on a new life.

The Phoenix and The Fool

It's the 4 year anniversary of The Phoenix & The Fool and to celebrate they will pop up as The Soothsayers Social Club, with The Wheel of Fortune!!! Take a spin and get a mini reading on the spot, purchase merch from Shout Your Abortion and get a 2ml bottle of one of my fragrances. Limited edition scents & stocking stuffers too! 

Snakemouth Orchid 

Featuring one of a kind fiber and appligué handmade bags, quilts and accessories. 

*% of art sales will go to Shout Your Abortion

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