100 Aspects of the Moon - Lauren Iida

100 Aspects of the Moon - Lauren Iida


"100 Aspects of the Moon," is a new paper cutaway exhibition by Lauren Iida. This new collection features 100 intricately hand-cut works inspired by Japanese woodblock artist, Yoshitoshi's 1890s series by the same name. Each new piece captures a moment from the artist's experience, sometimes inspired by her home in Cambodia, sometimes drawing on her Japanese American family's archive of vintage photographs.

Lauren Iida was born in Seattle and holds a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts (2014). She shares her time between Seattle and Cambodia where she leads art tours, writes and illustrates bilingual books for children and works in her cut paper studio, the ‘mobile atelier.’

Much of Iida's work is influenced by Cambodia where she has lived for many years working on various non-profit and social entrepreneurship projects beginning in 2008. Other major influences include her family's Japanese American heritage and incarceration during WWII and her Pacific Northwest home.

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