Abortion? Abortion! Abortion. by Sarah Vilendrer

One in three women will have an abortion in her lifetime. Although a common procedure, a deep stigma surrounds abortion that shames women, transgender men and non-binary individuals who may become pregnant. While mandatory waiting periods, misinformation and invasive ultra sounds are common restrictions, one state now requires women to pay for funeral services following their abortion or miscarriage. And as restrictions grow increasingly absurd, online searches for self-induced abortions multiply. Not only are abortion restrictions based on lies designed to prevent individuals from accessing care, they cause undue financial and physical harm, and further feelings of shame and stigma.

Let's reframe the narrative and affirm abortion as the social good that it is. Let's UNITE our voices, ERASE the stigma, and RECLAIM our right to abortion without restrictions.

From the artist Sarah Vilendrer
I curated Abortion? Abortion! Abortion. to contribute to the growing movement to destigmatize abortion through personal storytelling. Naturally hand-dyed with a flowering plant native to the Yucatán Peninsula, thirteen macramé strands elegantly lift 104 voices. Together they represent the varied and complex emotions of a shared experience. Stories were not edited or censured. They appear as they were shared with the 1 in 3 Campaign; 1 in 10 Blog; My Abortion, My life; National Network of Abortion Funds; Our Bodies, Ourselves; #ShoutYourAbortionand my online call for submissions.

Abortion? Abortion! Abortion. has shown at SugarPill, an herbal apothecary advocating for social change, and Velouria, a clothing boutique with bold art programming. Opening during the Capitol Hill and Pioneer Square art walks, this brave exhibition was well-received, sparking rewarding conversations, artist talks, and plans for installation at additional venues.