Anastacia Renee' - 9 OUNCES

Anastacia Renee' - 9 OUNCES

Runs July 27th - August 27th, 2016

Opening Reception - West Seattle Artwalk, August 11th, 6 to 9pm

****Special preview with the artist Saturday July 30th 5 to 8pm

Also featuring the West Seattle debut of:

9 Ounces: A One Woman Show
Friday, August 12th and Saturday, August 13th, 2016
Doors at 7pm, space is limited 

Anastacia-Renee’s work is a trellis of twilight, ultramarine ache and lowercase loam. In this work Anastasia plays with absurdity, surrealism, sarcasm and truth as an attempt to peel back systemic and personal layers.

As a queer super woman of color (cape & wings), she often artistically unravels rough edges, shapes, societies obsession/dissection/possession of the body and the ways women of color have been HERSTORICALLY plagued with commercialized, systemic, patriarchal and racial PTSD as a way to get strangers to dialog about the idea of legacy, baggage and renewal. She believes the body holds memories (from the past) that the mind cannot fully process. as well as intuitive memories (from the future) which have not happened, but the body needs to process. The combination of the two plus present day trauma pushes her desire to provide a thoroughfare for those memories in any interdisciplinary avenue they wish to embody. She encourages onlookers and audience members to interact/react and become proactive participants in/with her installation.

Anastacia-Renee, Writer in Residence at the Richard Hugo House, a home for writers in Seattle. She is a queer super-shero of color moonlighting as a writer, performance artist and creative writing workshop facilitator. She has received awards and fellowships from Cave Canem, Hedgebrook, VONA, Jacks Straw, Ragdale and Artist Trust.  Her theatrical mixed-media project, 9 Ounces: A One Woman Show has debuted at The Project Room and Hugo House.

9 Ounces is an unkempt, de-ribbon-ed, narrative braid dangling with crooked parts and it unofficially yoga’s its way through the unexpected journey of a queer woman of color’s mid-life a-ha moment and extreme case of Takotsubo’s Cardiomyopathy. Using the audience as mirror, epiphany and diary, three narratives crochet themselves around evolving frames. Meet Luna, in(no)cent, truth-telling childlike ghost-angel, Saraphina filter-free wise counsel-spiritual matriarch and Alice an artist and writer wedged between four universal questions: Who the am I/not? What am I supposed to be doing? Why me? What’s for Dinner? Together, the three bravely and vulnerably traverse the what-now with humor, sadness and a longing wish to have a deeper appreciation and longstanding compassion for Alice’s 9-ounce heart and a goal to master downward dog. Anastacia-Renee has been expanding her creative repertoire into the field of social justice installation art, and has exhibited her abstract paintings, text and photography surrounding the body as a polarized place of both the private and political.

Alice Collage photo credit, Natasha Marin
One Woman Show photo credit, Hugo House

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