“ANTI-ROMANTIC” by Anti Couture

“ANTI-ROMANTIC” by Anti Couture

“ANTI-ROMANTIC” by Anti Couture
Opens Friday, Feb 14th
6 to 9pm

Runs Feb 14th - Mar 28th, 2020

From the Artist India Spence:
"Anti-Couture started off in an incredibly basic way: a need for a rainbow Gucci sweater. Instead of shelling out an exorbitant amount of money for something that a million other people have, I decided that it would be much cooler to make something that was one of a kind and yes, maybe not authentic- but who cares? At the time, I had lots of yarn, some sewing needles and a black sweater. It never occured to me to embroider yarn on something but I thought eh, why not?

So from there, a clothing line was born. From bootleg designer to anarchistic slogans like “DESTROY” or “REVENGE” on vintage “grandma” sweaters featuring cats or hummingbirds, it’s basically whatever weird stuff comes to mind and verbal vomited out in the form of embroidery. Every single piece is one of a kind in a world of mass-produced insanity."

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