BAIT - Jennifer McNeely

BAIT - Jennifer McNeely

“BAIT” a solo show by Jennifer McNeely 2019
Runs September 3rd - October 5th

Opening - September 14th, 5 to 9pm

Artist Statement
BAIT is a series exploring feminine danger power and joy. BAIT aims to track and name the things that stall, distract and freeze us. BAIT is what entices with false promises and makes us look away long enough to be trapped.

BAIT also brings awareness to our truest desires. It can be devastatingly appealing and hard to resist, all while being life arrestingly dangerous. BAIT takes many forms; some we recognize and some we don’t until it’s too late.

BAIT traps us from becoming and keeps us small.

BAIT is a complicated love story. Trying to get our needs met without cutting off our own feet can be a lifelong journey. But like everything, BAIT contains a gift. The real power of the feminine lies in really knowing yourself and what you need to thrive. BAIT points the way. Through ancestral traps, it demonstrates our resilience. In every turn is transformation.

What is your BAIT and where will it lead you?

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