Macki Stratton flyer for the art exhibition COILED the images is a watercolor painting

Coiled by Macki Stratton

by Macki Stratton
March 10th - May 29th, 2022
Opening reception - Saturday, March 19th 6 to 9pm

PNW artist Macki Stratton aims to evoke life’s constant fluctuations with paint. Grounded by the natural world and her creative practice as a response to it; Stratton hopes to affirm the healing benefits of nature in abundance, and allow for the viewer to bring the outside in with her paintings.

Coiled is a culmination of two years of work, which unfurled into the series before you in a final cycle of paintings. As in life, orient & interpret the work as you please, it is abstract art after all. If desired enjoy some further musings to chew on:

Coiled. Being coiled provides a moment to pause, deliberate, it is a prelude to action, a time for healing and regeneration.   

Informed by the writings and research of Riane Eisler, Michael Dames, Lindsey Taylor & Melanie Amandine.  Coiled is a celebration of the serpent in all its ancient glory, past vilification, and present revival.  It is a quiet contemplation of how the frame in which we view and treat non-human life forms parallels the human tendency to other persons that differ from us. 

10% of the sale of each piece will be donated to the Green Light Project, a mutual aid group supporting Seattle Sex Workers. After the misguided passing of FOSTA & SESTA many Sex Workers have had to return to the dangerous working conditions of the street. 

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