Dolls of the Psycho Pomp Cirque

Dolls of the Psycho Pomp Cirque

October 3rd - Nov 3rd, 2013

Art walk: Thursday October 10th
Gala: Saturday October 12th 6-9 pm

The Psychopomp's responsibility is to guide newly deceased souls through their final stage of life. Coming in many shapes and forms - spirits, angels, deities, creatures, wise women, shamans, or ancestors - they provide safe passage into the afterlife.

In this exhibition of exquisite dolls, eighteen dark hearted doll makers from all corners of the country offer their interpretation of these “Guides of Souls," including Mexican Day of the Dead dolls, the portrait doll of a jazz era, New Orleans witch, and voodoo dolls made from vintage leather and found objects. Fantastic and fabulous, kooky and creepy, this phantasmagoria of dolls and makers is a uniquely seasonal yet timeless treat for the senses and the imagination.

Curated by Kook Teflon and presented by Twilight Gallery & Boutique, Dolls of the Psychopomp Cirque will be on view in the Back Gallery throughout the month of October.

Meet the artists and get in the spirit at the Gala Opening Party on Saturday, October 12.

Austin Edwards (PDX)
Christy Kane (Los Angeles)
Sheri Debow (Calif)
Dame Darcy (Savannah/NYC)
Kook Teflon (Seattle)
Christine Benjamin (San
Vinsantos (SF/New Orleans)
Scott Garrett (Texas/Louisiana)
Anouk Rawkson (Seattle)
Angela Raney (New Orleans)
Amber Leilani (New Orleans)
Allison Wonder (PDX)
Jordan Christianson (Seattle)
Lee Kyle (New Orleans)
Pandora Gastelum (New Orleans)
Bunny Cult (Oakland)

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