Fade Into You: an artist’s mixtape

Fade Into You: an artist’s mixtape

February 13 - March 9th, 2014

Opening Thursday February 13th

Trunk Show by Elysium from Portland hand making custom pieces on the spot!
Gorgeous handmade slips from Get Juliet
Prints and more from Stasia Burrington and more!

Heartbreaking soundtrack provided by KEXP DJ Hannah Levin

Songs of heartbreak accompany us throughout time as we makeup and breakup. What mix of songs do you play when you crush, love, fuck, fuck-up, pine, ache, obsess and deny?

Can a compilation of songs save you or explain you? Can the mood or theme of the mixtape make the object of your affections UNDERSTAND how you really feel in your achy, achy tortured soul? Is the art of the mixtape a universal art form?

Fade Into You asked artists to assign a song title to their visual expression of the exquisite arc of pain we call love. From the fleeting first-love, to an unquenchable lust, to the socialized ideal of commitment, and finally to the inevitable end of despair and heartbreak. It is art inspired by the history of love and loss in music within the context of an individual’s relationships and experiences.


Alexandria Sandlin, Amber Leilani Middleton, Amy Sheridan, Angelina J Tolentino, Beth Martini, Cyra Hobson, Janine Pierce, Jen Kiaba, Justine Winnie, Kate Ryan, Kim Merritt, Klaus Pinter, Nicole Brauch, Paul Valadez, Sarah Barrick and
Whitney Van Cleave

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