Warm Love by Georgia Barber

Georgia Barber - Pattern Addict

Pattern addict Georgia Barber is a self-taught artist with a past life in the textile industry. Georgia's tendencies combine mixed media collages, printmaking, painting, and hand-carved pattern design with heavy mounted layers, vibrant colors and hard edges. Born in Australia of Māori/English decent, Georgia has resided in all three countries throughout her life, spending most of her years in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and is currently based in the US. 

Her style blends 3 heritages with an intense love for nature (raised free-range in the Australian Bush), William Morris & friends (European art nouveau pattern and theory) and Kowhaiwhai (traditional Māori pattern design and meaning). Subjects and inspiration arise from block printing on hand made Japanese textured papers to create works of fantasy flora, landscapes
(mostly of home), warped geometric design, portraiture, interior design (in the form of dreamy Pacifica style decorated homes), pottery that she will never actually create and global issues to shake a hearty fist at. 

'Our roots are one - we should be using them to nurture and sustain every living being and environment on the planet

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