Holiday Art Exhibit 2014 - curated by AnaLuiza Douthwaite

Holiday Art Exhibit 2014 - curated by AnaLuiza Douthwaite

December 11th – February 1st

Holiday Mini Art Show!

Ahh the holidays. ……
‘Tis the season for shopping insanity, specialty Starbucks mugs, and carols on unending loop. Running from sometime
mid-September through the first week of January, the end of the year is a time many live in anticipation for year round.

Here at Twilight Gallery along we are celebrating the season of jolliness with a small works show! Over 100 works on view!

Co-Curated by our spectacular intern
Ana Luiza Douthwaite 2014 BA Art History
University of Washington

Joseph Brooks (Seattle)
Sarah Midkiff (North Carolina)
Meghan Kukull (Seattle)
Rhodora Jacob (Seattle)
Stasia Burrington (Seattle)
Brooke Borcherding (Seattle)
Angelina Tolentino (Seattle)
Sarah Barrick (Seattle)
La Macón by Shari Noble (Seattle)
Idle Hands Designs (Seattle)
Mary Enslow (Seattle)
Kristina Cullen (Seattle)
Braden Duncan (Seattle)
The Kiln Witch (Seattle)
Swing (Seattle)
Kate Protage (Seattle)
Elijah Evenson (Seattle)
Idle Hands (Seattle)
Dionea Nadir (Seattle)
Ryder Evan Robison (Idaho)

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