Kook Teflon - Church of The Poison Mind

Kook Teflon - Church of The Poison Mind

Opens Friday, June 14th, 5 to 9pm
Exhibit Runs June 2nd - June 30th.

Let's celebrate this extraordinary artist, innovator and friend as she embarks on the next magical phase of her life.

"When asked what events one has proudly participated in over the last thirteen years, most would mutter something about a promotion at work, some sort of commencement at school, or the final payment on some mundane material possession. Kook Teflon, on the other hand, has spent the last thirteen years in an uninhibited pursuit of those events in life that permeate one with indignant awe".

During Kooks tenure in the Rain City: she was given access to the unique world of Seattle ’s Queer anti-establishment arts, been initiated as a High Priestess, raised two children and produced over 100 live shows including her mystic art gatherings Babylon Death Party. Kook is just as comfortable participating in the events as she is photographing them. Her collection of individual portraits that seem to capture the true temperament of her eccentric Seattleite subjects, which are also created through sculpture, paint and video.

As she Bids Adieu to PNW please come witness her last installation as a resident here in the Emerald City.

Special performance by Irene Bowen
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