Mia Dungeon - Midnight Oasis

Opens Thursday, March 14th 5 to 8pm
Exhibit runs March 6th - 31st

A self-proclaimed Hermit Crab, Mia Dungeon lives and works out of her 1986 Toyota van. Navigating ever-changing landscapes, her work is a sponge to the constant influx of the vast visual stimuli innate to life on the road. The windshield of this 6’x8’ live/work space on wheels provides a viewing portal that frames her transient experiences that Mia translates into Surreal paintings.

Her most recent series “Midnight Oasis” was inspired by, and created in, Mia’s time spent in the Mojave Desert between Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, and the West Coastline of Southern California. This series is infused with desert flora and fauna from the Saguaro Cacti, Date Palms, Golden Poppies, Greater Roadrunners, California Quail, and nights in natural mineral pools under the desert stars.