Put The Needle On The Record - curated by Ellen Schinderman

Put The Needle On The Record - curated by Ellen Schinderman

August 1st - September 15th, 2015

Art Walk August 13th
6 to 9pm

Put the Needle on the Record explores the constant connection between visual art and music. Cover art has been a part of the music experience since the first pieces of sheet music were published. Photos and portraits of musicians catch out imagination and allow us to feel what it might have been like to be there, at that show......

This group exhibit of musically themed work is stitched based, national and curated by Los Angeles artist Ellen Schinderman. Ellen has been featured in Hoopla, the Art of Unexpected Embroidery, Hustler Magazine, Juxtapoz, LA Weekly, Huffington Post and much more. She is the curator of Stitch Fetish at Hive Gallery in LA and is a prolific artist who paints with thread on varied themes such as pop culture, erotica and large scale cross stitch.

Featuring the work of Anya Astapova, Alise Baker, Mark Bieraugel, Croshame, Jess de Wahls, Giddy Girlie, Kathy Halper, Becca Hammond, Luke Haynes, Daniel Nano, Bascom Hogue, Billy Kheel, Michelle Kingdom, Koe-Zee, Emma Rose Laughlin, Katharine Lawrie, Jenny Lee, Kate Madeira, Mackenzie Mollo, Matthew Monthei, Carie Musik, Ries Niemi, Jessica Pambianco, Carol Powell, Julie Sarloutte, Ellen Schinderman, Pete Seazle, Sophie Tomlinson, Meghan Willis, Wu Stitch, Darcy Yates

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