Reflections - Heather Marie Scholl

Reflections - Heather Marie Scholl

Reflections - July 9th - August 5th

Reception For The Artist - Sat, July 28th, 6 to 9pm

“Reflections” by Brooklyn Artist Heather Marie Scholl showcases selections from her two major bodies of work; Whitework and The Self Portraits. Both explore social justice issues through personal emotional investigation. Whitework examines white women’s roles in the establishment and maintenance of white supremacy through whitework embroidery and other white on white techniques. By focusing on garments and home items, each piece reflects the personal yet invisible nature of white supremacy for white women, including herself.

The Self Portrait series works to highlight the complex emotional world of being a woman through framed embroidered illustrations. Playing with universal issues like trauma, identity, depression, femininity and belonging through her own image and experience. These works together manifest to tell a story of intimacy, conflict, and ultimately accountability.

This exhibit will be presented in conjunction with a Confront White Womanhood workshop, which gained national reputation after Cosmopolitan named it “the most popular workshop at the Women’s Convention” ..... Presented at Theater Puget Sound on July 21st 1-4pm.

About the Artist:

Heather Marie Scholl is a Brooklyn, NY based artist and activist, discovering the ways to bring a productive emotionality to social justice topics.

“I spend a lot of time thinking about how we’re born into fantasies of the way life should be and the ways that comes crashing down around us. For me this means connecting personal experiences with contemporary and historical systems of power.  I explore the emotionality of these topics and the personal ways they are enacted.  By examining issues of racism/white supremacy, sexuality, gender, and sexual trauma through a personal lens I give space for others to feel the intimate nature of these large issues. Primarily I bring the physical craft of my work back to the body through the use of embroidery arts and garment pieces. My pieces are removed from time, weaving different eras of aesthetics together to create a new tale that lives in a place that is past, present and future.”

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