[S]HEROS: Side A

[S]HEROS: Side A

March 10th - April 7th, 2016

[S]HEROES: Side A by Jordan Christianson

Opens March 10th  6 to 9pm

To celebrate Women’s History Month, Couturier Jordan Christianson is sending love letters to the female musicians who’ve inspired him; his [S]HEROES: Side A is the first run in a series of wearable art, each handbag is individually designed and handmade to invoke the spirit of these trailblazing, highly-influential women who’ve changed Jordan, and history.

Jordan Christianson is a Pacific Northwest native and Couturier to it’s unique arts and performance community. His works, and his label Jonquil & Mr Black, have been featured internationally on stage, page, and screen. He is currently the Featured Designer for Seattle’s largest boutique hotel, Motif Seattle, and is available for birthday parties.