Depiction of Kali, warrior woman on bright red back ground. Gold leaf flowers and lion head and snakes and political content by Shima Star of Seattle

Shima Star

Shima Star
Artist Statement

I was born in London, England and currently live in Washington State.

I am a contemporary artist, that produces fine art works using oils, watercolor, acrylic, photography and printmaking. These mediums are not exclusive to my extensive portfolio which also includes 2-dimensional relief - having completed my arts education at The London Institutes of Arts, earning a distinction in screen printing and surface decoration.

My work examines women’s roles and relationships. I enjoy and encourage discussion around female roles, empowerment and question political stereotypes from a multicultural perspective. These colorful women that are painted, do not segregate women -  it is about encouraging inclusivity, regardless of race or identity.

I have chosen to adopt the star as a symbol to emphasizes the rejection of patriarchy. My choice to use a vibrant palette of colors which is a reflection of being called colored and using this to pieces of what it means to be a person of color.

As I continue to pursue an artistic career by supporting arts education at local elementary school students also recently promoting art workshops at Kirkland Art Centre. I enjoy engaging the public by exhibiting works at venues across Washington. My work has been published in internationally in magazines, Rutgers University of Arts magazine and has also shown in London, Seattle, New York. Award winning artist from 4 Culture.



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