Sporozoan Lore by RobRoy Chalmers

Sporozoan Lore by RobRoy Chalmers

April 11 - April 30th 2013

The Sporozoan is.

It is a word I use metaphorically to describe the serendipitous moment in time that tempts us to delve deeper into the act of seeing. This moment is the spark that allows growth in ourselves causing us to become.

It is a practice, which requires discipline, meditation and attention to detail, it delves into me like needles through the skin forcing the imagery to become one with the idea.

I am The Sporozoan: the invasive species crawling into your head making you find pleasure in the vision before you, making you question your subjectivity and your objectivity all with the desire to reel you in searching for more.

~ RobRoy Chalmers

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