Tales Of The Night - Dawndra Budd

Tales Of The Night - Dawndra Budd

Beloved West Seattle Portrait and Conceptual Photographer, Dawndra Budd returns to Virago Gallery after almost 7 years. 

Exhibit Runs - Oct 9th - Nov 17th, 2019
Opening Reception and Costume Party -

From the artist:
I've always thought of animals and nature to be magic. As a young girl, my favorite memories were created when I escaped into the forest to become lost in another world, to create an alternate reality. Finding beauty in darkness. 

I loved the idea of humans and animals morphing into one creature. Many of my photographs are made from the desire to create that story, to capture that feeling like a song.

My love for travel, nature, animals and empowering woman are the heart of my photographs. There is often a metamorphosis that happens with my subjects often taking place somewhere between worlds.

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