Wayward: In From the Wild

Wayward: In From the Wild

Wayward: In From the Wild
A Group Exhibition
Guest-curated by Sarra Scherb for Virago Gallery.

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Exhibition Runs: Nov 23, 2018  - Jan 10th.
Nov 23rd, Curator Meet and Greet from 1 to 3pm
West Seattle Art Walk: December 13, 5-8pm
Artist Party:
December 15th, 1-4pm 

wild, unruly, defiant, rebellious.

“Wayward” brings to mind something impossible to control, difficult to stamp out, and—whether describing a person, creature, place, or thing—truly wild.

This winter, the wild invades Virago Gallery in the form of works by artists who have participated in the generative creativity and connection of the Wayward Retreat.

The Wayward Retreat on Quadra Island, British Columbia provides a creative outlet and safe harbor for women, nonbinary and trans artists from around North America to deepen their practice, nurture relationships between peers, and find solace in the wilds of coastal British Columbia.

Organized by Los Angeles artists Leslie Levings, Lauren Ludwig and Shing Yin Khor, and Quadra Island artist Lauren Miller, the retreat brings visual artists, writers, directors, and performers to isolated Quadra Island for a chance to create without urban distractions or obligations. On Quadra they are immersed in a world swathed in shades of emerald and cobalt; in densely dripping fern-fringed forest; in the void of a black lake beneath a vault of stars.

For the first time, works by Wayward creators from all years of the retreat will be exhibited together, combining their many styles and practices in one place. The show is a testament to the powerful need for womxn creators to have places of professional encouragement, safety, and experimentation. Works will range from sculpture to illustration, photography to comics, and a publication of selected works by the retreat's writers.

Participants: Leslie Levings (LA), Shing Yin Khor (LA), Lyla Warren (Oakland), Pam Wishbow (Seattle), Camille Chew (NY), Kelsey Liggett (TX), Eva Funderburgh (Seattle), Lauren Wong (Seattle), Tailor Lee (NY), Stasia Burrington (Seattle), Angelina Villalobos (Seattle), and Emma SanCartier (Seattle), Lauren Miller (Quadra), Melissa Johnson (CA), Lauren Ludwig (LA), Nell Rutledge-Leverenz (LA), Monica Miklas (LA), Sarra Scherb (Seattle), Katherine DiSavino (LA), Erika Schmidt (Oakland), and Elizabeth Prestel (CA).

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At right, top to bottom: “Forgotten Language” by Emma SanCartier, “Bittersweet Anamnesis” by Lauren Wong; “River” by Camille Chew; “Night Swim” by Stasia Burrington; “Lyla & Shing” by Eva Funderburgh, “Marie Celeste” by Eva Funderburgh; “Wild” by Emma SanCartier; “Lady Pearl” by Angelina Villalobos/179; “Wolf” by Lyla Warren

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