You Wouldn’t Have This Problem If You Lost Weight - Elisheba Johnson

You Wouldn’t Have This Problem If You Lost Weight - Elisheba Johnson

Artist Reception - Thursday, September 13th 6 to 9pm
Runs - September 9th to October 5th, 2018

Society tells women from birth that their body is not their own. Because of this, family to strangers feel they have the right to discuss and rate the female body. This work is my documentation through artworks of the most salient moments of my life where I knew that my body was a commodity and my being fat meant I was worthless. Being fat in the western world comes with stigma and assumptions and I attempt to unpack some of the many values around that in this show.
- Elisheba Johnson

Elisheba is a multi-media artist and poet who has dedicated her career in the arts to creating space for emerging and POC artists to create and showcase their work. Johnson, who has a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts, was the owner of Faire Gallery Café, a multi-use art space that held art exhibitions, music shows, poetry readings ancreative gatherings.

Since 2013 Johnson has been at the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture where she is a public art project manager and works on capacity building initiatives including Seattle Arts Leaderships Team (SALT), Public Art Boot Camp.

In 2013, Elisheba co-wrote and published "The Adventures of Emery Jones: Boy Science Wonder" with her father Charles Johnson. The series now has two titles; “Bending Time”

and “The Hard Problem.”

Elisheba is also a founding member of COLLECT, a monthly curated art tour to inspire a new generation of art collectors.

Elisheba is currently a member of the Americans for the Arts Emerging Leaders Network advisory council. When Elisheba isn’t visiting an art exhibition with her son, she is a parenting advocate, travel enthusiast and fancies herself an amateur sommelier.

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