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WARM & SPICY fragrance 8ml
Labdanum Spice Fragrance
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, WARM & SPICY  8ml
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Labdanum Spice Fragrance

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by Namesake Fragrance

With notes of Clove Black Pepper Labdanum Bergamot Leather Ginger White Musk
Oakmoss Oud Anise

“Sitting on the downtown Seattle bus, a sharply dressed business woman floated by. She exuded a dizzying balance of power and grace, trailed by the smell of warm spices. Her presence was unforgettable, and has inspired me to design my own image. I would like to convey the authority and rigor of my biology research alongside a playful silliness that I approach life with.” The result is a blend of grounding leather, spice, and balsamic notes offset by the bite of citrus and ginger.