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Adina Mills Statement Necklace

Adina Mills Statement Necklace

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Alina Mills is standout artist and pioneering designer. From 2005 to present, Every piece is one of a kind wearable piece of art using stones, polymer, clay, resin, chain, crystals, watch bands, paint and more. I Started carrying her work back in 2015, when it seemed like everyone only wore teeny jewelry…not my vibe….since that time her creations have been worn by Erykah Badu, Pink, Bjork and of course I died when I spotted them  on Lily Tomlin for her series Grace & Frankie! I knew her when!

Well this piece is my favorite and I’ve criss crossed the country with it. Now it should be yours. There is nothing out there like it. 

Its not light….and care should be taken when worn. Do not wear while bathing swimming or worn next to other Jewelry pieces that will not get about. Stones cannot be repaired so handle and where with care although extremely adorable, it may still crack with extreme duress, like me . .

!4" Chain
4"x2" Pendant
9" Length
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