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Saint Vagabond

SV Good Luck Ring

SV Good Luck Ring

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The Signet Ring. A statement of authenticity and individuality. 

Along the ring band runs a dagger and an arrow, representing honor, and staying true to your path- always moving forward, with conviction and grace. 

Both versions feature an Icelandic Magical Stave:

This is the “Good Luck” stave, to bring luck and good fortune into all of your endeavors.

Available in silver or bronze. 

All rings are hand carved and cast using the lost wax casting process.  No two will be entirely alike.

 *** In most cases, rings are made to order.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for completion/delivery.

  ** Casting grade metals used: Silver is .925 sterling, Bronze contains copper alloys.

***size 9 and up add $50

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