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Saint Vagabond

Janus Roman Chain Bracelet

Janus Roman Chain Bracelet

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 Hand-carved and cast links completed with a handmade toggle clasp. Weighty metal chain that feels rich on the skin. Inspired by traditional ancient Roman chain pieces.  Created using the lost-wax casting process. Named after Janus, the Roman god of passageways and new beginnings. This bracelet features uniform singular links, whereas its sister the Astraea chain features a flow of 3 link shapes woven together. (see photo for comparison) 
Available in 2 lengths: 7 inch and 8 inch, as bronze or sterling silver. Inquire for custom options.
Janus (Jā-nəs) was known to the ancient Romans as the god of transitions and new beginnings: the key holder to the metaphorical gateways between what was and what is yet to come. He guards the space between concrete and abstract dualities such as life/death, beginning/end, youth/adulthood, war/peace, and oversees the transformation between the major stages of life.
*** In most cases, pieces are made to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for completion/delivery
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