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Saint Vagabond

Latin Posie Rings

Latin Posie Rings

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Posie rings were popularized during the 15th - 17th centuries in both England and France, often inscribed with short poems or concealed messages. Tokens of affection for special friends or lovers.

This ring is inscribed with 2 old Latin adages: “Alis Propriis Volat.” and “Audere est Facere.” Which translates to: “She flies with her own wings,” and “To do is to dare.” 

(Note: the gender pronoun is considered feminine in its original context, as it referred to cities and countries. The saying however, is gender neutral. “They fly with their own wings”)

Available in sterling silver or solid bronze.
Gold available upon request and special order. 

*Silver is sterling and bronze is a mixed metal containing copper.

*** In most cases, rings are made to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for completion/delivery.

****size 9 and above add $50

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